The ‘School Cycling Training Programme’ is for children aged 9-11 or 5th and 6th class students and if offered in association with Blue Gate Sports.

The course is delivered over a six week period and comprises of a one hour lesson each week over the six weeks.

“All the equipment required for the training; bicycles, hi-visibility vests and helmets will be provided by Bluegate Sports.“


The course is based on Level 1 and Cycling Ireland Sprocket Rocket training and is done with fun in mind. The course is delivered through practical learning and fun games.

Upon completion of the ‘School Training Programme’ the rider will be able to:

  • Get on their bike, start cycling, then stop and get off
  • Ride their bike using the gears
  • Look then signal
  • Make their bike go where you want it to, including moving around objects safely
  • Stop quickly if they need to
  • Look all around them when their riding, including behind, without wobbling
  • Signal if their turning right and left, without wobbling
  • Give their bike a simple check to ensure it is road-worthy

Please note that funding is available for this programme in schools through your local council.

Please contact BlueGate Sports or the respective council where your school is located for further information.

For more information please contact us at