As a cyclist who wants to improve, you deserve the personal attention and expert training advice that even the world’s best athletes receive. At Your Cycling Academy we aim to provide individualised, expert training and coaching that helps you achieve your goals and learn more about yourself and the training process at the same time. 


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What do you get?

With our online coaching program, you receive a complete package filled with great information and valuable training, racing and event tools. Once you sign up, you fill out the online Athlete Questionnaire that gathers detailed information on you, your training, racing or event history as well as your goals.

After submitting the questionnaire, we perform a full and thorough evaluation of your training history as well as your future goals.  Next, we build your training plan.  Your program gradually and progressively builds you into a complete cyclist or triathlete – one ready for the challenges of all race or event distances.  And, armed with your Questionnaire, the training plan is built specifically for you – taking into account your preferences with regard to key workouts days, races, holidays, etc.

You will receive a spreadsheet with the details for each and every day of the week throughout your program.  No more guesswork on what to do.  Just check today’s date on the schedule.  This schedule incorporates every single workout and you use the program to know exactly what intensity to use.  The schedule is built for your primary goal of the training cycle and with your weekly feedback, is updated to reflect how your training is going.  This spreadsheet is also adjusted for when “life happens” and you need to change things around.

FREE Training Log. One of the better features with this product is the online training log which is included in the offer so you can keep track of your training data.  You can fill in distance, time, body weight, resting heart rate, avg. heart rate, max. heart rate, fitness, mood, etc. after each ride and make nice graphs to spot trends.

And the best part?  You have a coach right by your side the whole way – someone to talk about training, to help strategise your race or event plan, to celebrate when your training is going great and to help when there are bumps in the road.  We emphasise the “personal” in personal coaching and provide unlimited contact via email, phone or Skype.

Your Part

This is the important part. Online coaching is a two-way street.  Just as we provide the training plan, we expect you to provide the feedback that will allow us to help you best. Throughout the program, we expect (and rely upon) consistent feedback (weekly or bi-weekly) via e-mail or phone.  Let us know the results of each key workout, race, any problems with the training, upcoming vacations, family commitments, etc.Drinking During Exercise

This allows us to make any necessary adjustments to the training schedule.  After all, the schedule you receive is not set in stone but is a work in progress. It is modified continually based on your feedback and with the results of each workout and race so it is your responsibility to keep us updated on how the training is going.

As mentioned (and unlike other coaching programs), we don’t limit the number of calls or e-mails from our clients.  We wholeheartedly welcome and encourage your feedback as often as necessary, especially in the early part of the training schedule.  Ask all your questions.  Let us know how things are going – both physically and mentally. You are the only one who truly knows your body, so we rely on your feedback to keep your program on the fast track to success.

Your Investment

The cost for the personal coaching program is €80 for 6 weeks. This rate includes the complete package described above as well as unlimited contact via phone and email.  There are no limits on personal contact with your coach. 

Your coaching program may be purchased via credit card through PayPal on our online Store, if you wish to pay with another method, please contact us on + 353 (0)87 900 8845


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Our Experience

Over the last 3 decades, we have worked successfully with athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and ability levels. In this time, we have developed an in-depth experience level that allows us to design an optimal training program no matter what your goals or other life commitments. Just getting started in cycling or triathlon? We can help. Want to cycle your first century ride? Can do. Think you’ve got what it takes to race at a higher level? Ready for ya. No matter what your current situation, our coaches goal is to apply sound principles of training, mixed with an understanding of your particular life situation so that you succeed. We’re ready when you are!


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1) I’m not a racing cyclist, is your program right for me? You bet! We work with all cyclists whether your goal is to race or finish your first sportive. Our only criteria is determination. If you are goal-oriented and determined to reach your goals then we’re here to help, no matter what your goal.

2) How long does it take to receive my program?
After you submit the online questionnaire (received after you purchase your program), it takes 3-5 days for us to do a comprehensive analysis of your training and event history and to design and build an individualised program to help you reach your goals.

3) I’m training for an ultra-distance cycle, can you help? You bet! Alan Heary is not only the race director of one of the Worlds toughest endurance races – Race Around Ireland, but has also been crew chief to successful finishers of RAAM. Our coaches use the science of endurance-based performance with the art of real-world coaching and combine it with  field experience and accomplishments.  In doing so we bring to you, the athlete, a personalised program that will enable you to succeed no matter the goal or distance.  Sign up for online coaching or a custom ultra training program and we will help you with not only training but also nutrition, race strategy, equipment selection, etc.

4) Do you coach triathletes? Yes. We have qualified coaches who know what it’s like to compete in triathlons having completed Ironman’s as well as sprint distances.


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