At the Irish Cycling Academy we don’t believe that coaching should be just for the professionals. In fact, we believe in making it accessible to everyone. 

 Whether you’re aiming to ride one of the big sportive’s, race or you just want to take your riding to the next level, then having Your Cycling Academy coach by your side is going to be the single best investment you can make to help you achieve your goal.

  • Six months of coaching is less than half the price of a decent set of wheels.
  • Think how much more motivated you will be having someone looking over your shoulder – especially if you’re paying them your hard earned cash to do it.
  • Working with your Irish Cycling Academy coach will give you the reassurance that what you are doing will make a big difference to your performance. It’s just easier to stick to your heart rate or power zones knowing there’s a reason for it and you will get a telling off if you don’t.
  • Instead of riding miles, you are riding miles with purpose! With purpose comes motivation and that’s what makes it easier to get out of bed on those cold winter mornings.

We are not all pro-riders and so finding the time to train is a lot more of a challenge with family and work commitments, however Your Cycling Academy coach will design the plan to fit into your lifestyle insuring that your plan is based on quality instead of quantity.

You want a plan that is structured around your lifestyle, is progressive, focused on YOUR goals and adapted to how you are feeling each week, which means you avoid over training.

Your Cycling Academy coach is there to do this for you. Unlike the generic training program you might find in a book or magazine, Your Cycling Academy coach makes your plan personal to you, your goals, your physiology and your restrictions in time or equipment. Not one of our athletes is the same, either physically or psychologically and so we just can’t do generic programmes.

Start YOUR coaching plan today!