If you’re going well in training but you feel you are under performing in events then the most likely reason is something psychological.

These are all statements I have heard in the last year from athletes who have come to see me for the first time.

Do any of them sound familiar?

  • I’m so frustrated with my performance that I feel like giving up
  • I seem to give up when my legs are screaming
  • I am getting dropped by riders that shouldn’t drop me
  • I am really nervous in the bunch
  • Ever since the crash I find myself holding back
  • I keep missing the crucial breaks
  • I don’t really have any goals, I just see what happens
  • I seem to lose concentration in time trials

If the above statements do sound familiar to you then you could benefit from the same psychological training I have used with World champions and Olympic athletes.

Mental fitness training is not just for the elite, it is for people who enjoy their sport and want to get the most out of it.


Using the latest in mental fitness training techniques you can:Mentaltoughnessdiagram

  • Create Self-Motivation
  • Set Goals in the optimum way
  • Develop Better Concentration & Focus
  • Become Mentally Tougher
  • Learn advanced Visualisation
  • Boost Self Confidence
  • Master Emotional and Anxiety Control


What happens when you decide to book in for your personalised consultation? Mental-Toughness-Wheel

1. We meet up and fill out a questionnaire focussed on your cycling history

2. We discuss your goals, both in training and in competition

3. We evaluate your current performance strengths and weaknesses using a specific cycling profiling exercise

3. I give you a specific personalised exercise (or Exercises) that I know will improve your performance based on your goals and profiling

4. We test your ability to visualise

5. I take you through a visualisation session, which is recorded as an MP3 and put on a disc for you to take away and practice immediately

6. I get feedback on your progress and just as in physical training we make adjustments and add to your skill level


With your own mental fitness training plan you have the opportunity to arrive at your events feeling confident, focused, motivated and in complete control of your anxiety with a clear set of goals and resources to give you every opportunity to create more success than you thought possible.


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