How much better would you perform if you had a skill that allowed you to:

  • Change limiting behaviours
  • Easily let go of old habits
  • Control fear
  • Be more consistent
  • React faster
  • Control pain and recover at speed
  • Distort Time

Join me on this six hour interactive, informative and fun based workshop as I share with you the mental skills that Tiger Woods, Steve Collins, Jimmy Connors and David Beckham have used to make them great!

As a coach or trainer, have you ever wondered why your athletes have all the best intentions but can’t seem to maintain consistency, let me show you a brilliant way to change that!

My ultimate goal is for you to have a great day learning some fantastic powerful techniques that I have used with athletes such as former World boxing champion Steve Collins and other world and Olympic performers. Most of all I want you to go home with new ways of thinking and having exercises that work for you!


This cutting-edge sports science workshop is designed to:

  • Transform your sporting performance
  • Give you cast-iron mental strength
  • Boost your confidence, motivation, focus and self-belief.
  • Get you in the high-performance zone
  • Allow you to feel calm, strong, confident and powerful every time you perform
  • Enhance sleep on pre-event nights

When you enrol today you are guaranteed:

  • 6 hours of tuition
  • A complete course manual with all practical exercises covered
  • Course handouts
  • Fully supported environment to practice
  • Access to future refresher courses
  • Multiple hypnosis and imagery sessions and hypnotic experience
  • A FREE audio program to help with your practice
  • FREE 24 hour backup from Alan Heary for 6 months by email or phone
  • Lots of FUN and knowledge

This is a performance enhancing, comprehensive and exciting day! You will also learn how to use self-hypnosis and advanced imagery for deep relaxation. Everything is written out for you, ready to put into practice, you get a full course manual and several handouts.


Workshop dates for 2012 and Investment

Although these workshops have been valued at €199, I want to give you the opportunity to be the first to book in for one of these unique workshops at  only €129! 

I am doing this because you will be one of the first sports people in the country to book onto this type of workshop.  However I will only be taking the first 6 people to book in now. 


21st April – Trim, Co. Meath 

Workshop runs from 9am – 3pm


28th April – Dublin

Workshop runs from 9am – 3pm 


You will learn: 

  • An easy to follow five-step structured method of taking yourself into hypnosis.
  • What hypnosis and imagery is and is not
  • Key ingredients of how to be in control of your images
  • How to create and write incredible scripts and hypnotic programmes for powerful sports performances
  • How to relax to powerfully deep levels and aid sleep and recovery
  • Advanced and intriguing methods and applications of self-hypnosis and imagery
  • Amazing insightful ways to apply self-hypnosis to your sport
  • Different ways to deliver suggestions to the unconscious
  • How to harness and utilise the enormous power that resides within you
  • Special rapid self-hypnosis induction to enter the state instantly whenever and wherever you want
  • How to use self-hypnosis to generate physical and mental changes
  • How to combine Self-Hypnosis with sport psychology techniques


“I personally take you into hypnosis on several occasions throughout the day-long workshop — you’ll know what hypnosis is without a shadow of a doubt by the end of this workshop! This also does ensure that you are fully acquainted with the state and the varying ways in which you can experience hypnosis and advanced imagery and how it is used to enhance your performance”.


Workshop Structure: 

Here is an outline of what you will cover on the day and YES you will be doing a lot of fun practical exercises so you will learn from experience before you go home.


  • Introduction and Objectives.
  • Detailed introduction to hypnosis and imagery while dispelling the myths
  • Practical Hypnosis and imagery session for everyone
  • The self-hypnosis and advanced imagery model
  • How to use words to boost performance… The best words for you… Evocative language that elicits the most amazing responses and reactions for you
  • What words elicit negative performances (for use ONLY with opponents)
  • Writing the perfect hypnotic and imagery script

 After Break:

  • How to install your personalised self-hypnosis programmes in your mind
  • Advanced methodologies and specialist techniques for various sports
  • Bringing your programmes to life, adding depth and dimension
  • Putting it all together with fun and lots of practice…
  • Another guided powerful hypnosis and imagery session for everyone
  • Questions and answers


Who should attend? 

  • Coaches, trainers or sport scientists who wants to find out more about the power of hypnosis and imagery and how it can be applied to performance enhancement.
  • Athletes from all sports who are looking for cutting edge tools, which can help them, excel rapidly.
  • Anyone wanting a heck of a lot of fun!

Remember: An investment of one day and a nominal fee lets you tap into years of accumulated knowledge; learn proven methods and newest techniques; and return home informed and inspired.


Who WILL attend this workshop? 

  • People with an open mind
  • People who have read about these techniques and want to learn first hand how to apply them
  • Athletes who realise that every Country expecting to do well in the Olympics this year will KNOW and APPLY these techniques
  • People who understand that if they are not using these techniques this year their opponents might be and as such will have an edge (NOTE: Don’t come because you fear your opponents are, Come because you want to learn)


“Because I want to make this workshop the finest, most personal, interactive and best experience possible for everyone places are very limited so the earlier you book the better chance you have of beating your opponents to get your place.

I am really looking forward to offering you (what I consider to be) the finest tuition, a most enjoyable experience, lots of laughter and the opportunity to have more consistent better performances, to achieve, to excel and to feel really good.”


Don’t Forget – Your investment includes the following: 

  • 6 hours of tuition
  • A complete course manual with all practical exercises covered
  • Course handouts
  • Fully supported environment to practice
  • Access to future refresher courses
  • Multiple hypnosis and imagery sessions and hypnotic experience
  • A FREE audio program to help with your practice
  • FREE 24 hour backup from Alan Heary for 6 months by email or phone
  • Lots of FUN and knowledge


BUT if you are one of the lucky ones to Invest today you save €70 and ONLY pay €129


I realise that you may be one of the unlucky ones where the date or  location of the workshop may not suit you, so make sure you register for my newsletter where I announce new dates first!You can also contact me by email if you would like to organise part or all of the workshop for your club or company.

Alan Heary Profile

Alan Heary is a renowned peak performance consultant to some of Ireland’s top sport and business professionals.

Alan has a degree in Sport Science and Health and is a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).  He frequently appears on local and National radio stations, where he is known as “Mr Motivator” to the people who he helps achieve their fitness goals.

Alan started out in the fitness industry managing and then owning his own gym.  To add to his arsenal of psychological tools, he studied hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and stress management.

Alan has worked with World Champions, Olympic athletes, and professional and amateur football teams.  His work in hypnotherapy led him to work both in and out of the ring, with former World Super Middle Weight Champion, Steve Collins.  His work with the Australian Institute of Sport at the Sunshine Coast University, Queensland, included preparation of Australian National teams, for major competitions.

More recently, Alan has taken his experience in working and travelling with some of the World’s best athletes, and now delivers seminars and workshops on the links between sport, business and entertainment.  He regularly advises some of Ireland’s most successful business people providing them with the essential mental skills needed for performance excellence.  He has utilised these same skills and transferred them to the world of entertainment where his clients include musicians, actors and movie directors.

In 2008 he successfully transformed a team of cyclists from leisure to elite riders before entering them in the toughest bike race in the World – The Race Across America.  With only six months preparation this team not only smashed the Irish record but narrowly missed out on winning the event.  In 2011 he took it one step further by mentoring a solo rider to help him become the first Irish man to finish the race.  As a result of the experiences of 2008, he set up The Race Around Ireland, which has now become one of the most prestigious events on the world cup circuit and attracts riders from all over the world.

Alan presents not only motivational workshops, but also exceptionally educational ones.  He provides workshops packed with case studies and stories from the sporting, business and entertainment world presented in a fun and interactive way, allowing you to leave the workshop energised and armed with strategies and techniques guaranteed to bring about positive and lasting results.

He is currently the race director of the Ultra Endurance World Cup cycling event Race Around Ireland and is one of the founders of the Cycling Academy website


Some Press about Alan


Meath Chronicle

Irish Independent

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