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How to hold your handlebars

There are many way in which we can hold/grip our handlebars. Here is a short video on the best ways to hold your bars in the different cycling situations. It might surprise you, and hopefully point you in the right direction.

Some of the key points to remember :

The Drops.

This grip will give you the most control, so it is recommended for descending, sprinting and cornering. It also makes you more aerodynamic, so if your in a race or need that bit of extra speed to catch a group, move down onto your drops and you’ll cut through the air a lot quicker.

The Hoods.

This is the most comfortable and hence the most common position to hold your handlebars. Its great for riding in a group, and when the speed isn’t too high. It is however not very aerodynamic, so it is not used so much during fast riding or racing situations.  On the other hand it is ideal for climbing out of the saddle.  Also it is not recommended for fast descending, as your center of gravity will be too high and you will have less balance.

The Tops.

This is a great position for those long steady climbs, as it opens up your upper body and helps your breathing. Apart for these situations, it shouldn’t be used that often. Especially not while riding in a group, big or small. Your hands are a long way from the brakes so it is quite unsafe if there are others around you. It is also the least aerodynamic position. This is alright on those climbs, but is only wasting energy whilst riding on the flat.

As you’ll see there are many things to consider when your riding, but hopefully you’ll pick up a few good habits from this video. 

This video has been taken from the Global Cycling Network website

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