Your Cycling Academy Group Training Days

 At Your Cycling Academy we have developed two types of training days that are designed to be fun while giving a lot of information and skills to riders. The first type of training day is the NUDGE. It is designed for all levels of riders to improve their basic knowledge and skills on the bike. The second type of training day is the PUSH, which give riders who are aiming to be more competitive, whether in club leagues, open races or faster sportive’s more advanced skills and training plans. DSC_0008
[note] Further Information to note

  • We would suggest that all riders progress through the Nudge program before attending the Push program.
  • The training days can be altered to suit the level, experience and desires of the group.
  • Our coaches can visit your location or you may wish to have your riders travel to another location based on the discipline wanting to be covered. 
  • All notes are supplied to participants including sample-training plans
  • Usual cost is €25 per person but this may vary due to numbers attending.

Please contact 

for further information or a more detailed quote. 

The Nudge (Example Day)

Register:  9:30 am

Start:     10:00 am

Morning Session

Introduction and Bike and safety check

Skill Development

  • Balance
  • Drinking and eating drills
  • Cornering
  • Gearing and pedaling
  • Group riding – up and overs

Training Spin

The training spin will incorporate skills covered in skills development on a training spin. 


Afternoon seminar

  • Principles of Training and sample plans
  • Goal setting and motivation
  • Q&A

The Push

Register:  9:30 am[break][/break]Start:     10:00 am[break][/break]Morning Session[break][/break]

Introduction and Bike and safety check

Advanced skill Development

  • Cornering at speed
  • Sprinting
  • Advanced group riding – echelon and line outs
  • Accelerations

Training Spin

The training spin will incorporate hill climbing for power, speed drills, lactate threshold training (Drills are appropriate to group abilities and goals)


Afternoon seminar 

  • Developing power and speed with sample plans
  • Confidence and concentration techniques
  • Eating for performance
  • Q&A