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Achieving your dreams in cycling demands more than smart training.

It requires a fitness plan, a strength and conditioning plan, a nutritional plan and a mental toughness plan.

We have you covered!

What's Included In Your Winter Training Package?

1. Six Week Training Plan

Successfully reach any cycling goal you set yourself, while reducing your average training times by 40-50% with this 6-week training plan designed by Grainne Hanley. 

Achieve maximum results by taking the guesswork and junk miles out of your training .The plan comes with clear Day-by-Day instructions and visual aids and can be completed indoor or outdoor. 

Includes information on:

  • Warm-up
  • Effort types
  • Effort zones
  • Cadence
  • Recovery
  • Linkage with off-bike workouts 

2. Nutritional Program With Meal Planners

This easy to follow guide is filled with tips about how to eat before, during, and after your training; manage your day-to-day eating so you can eat easily but well; lose weight yet maintain energy to ride up the hills; and add power and pleasure to your cycling adventures

Includes information on:

  • Hydration
  • Fuelling for Training
  • Fuelling During Training
  • Recovery
  • Meal Planning
  • Suggested Meal Plans

3. Mental Preparation For Events

You don’t need to be a professional rider to benefit from good goal setting. For anyone who wants to improve their cycling, whether looking to start riding regularly, targeting your first sportive or looking to move up racing categories, Alan Heary’s goal setting will get you there.

Includes information to help you:

  • Determine your strengths and weaknesses
  • Set your seasonal and weekly goals
  • Analyse obstacles and put a plan in place to smash through them
  • Align your training with your goals
  • Stay motivated

Bonus Material

4. Strength And Condition Plan


  • Off-bike training
  • Stretching
  • Home Exercise Plan
  • Weight Training Plan


5. Pro Tips And Advice


  • Preparing yourself for winter riding
  • Preparing your bike for winter training
  • Top tips for indoor turbo training
  • Riding on rollers


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Most frequent questions and answers

This plan is designed for a wide range of cycling abilities. It’s suitable to anyone aiming to improve for next season. The plan is best described as ‘base’ or ‘foundation’ training, which will allow you to build your fitness levels from now until the spring.

We do recommend that you try to follow the 6-week plan as closely as possible. The plan is designed to allow time for blocks of training and recovery, both are as important as each other. However we all know that many things in life can get in the way. Work/sickness/family all have to be considered too.

The best advice is to do as much of the plan as you possibly can. If you put the effort in you will see the benefits.

Note : If you miss a few sessions during one week don’t try to double up the following week to make up for it, follow through the plan as described week by week.


There is no reason why a triathlete can’t follow this training plan for the 6 weeks. It will no doubt provide great preparation for races/events next year. Remember this is all about ‘laying the foundation’, and assuming your races aren’t in the coming weeks/months, then this training plan is ideal. The plan is cycling specific so it won’t necessarily improve the run or swim element of a triathletes performance.

Note: We understand that you will also need to find time for running and swimming sessions, but be careful not to overload your training. Take your rest days as much as possible.


Yes. While training with power meters is more popular, it’s still only one way of measuring your performance level. If you don’t have access to a power meter you can use heart-rate zones or RPE (Rate of Perceived Exertion).


Absolutely. When you purchase this product you can easily send this as a gift to a friend. The plan is adaptable to each riders individual fitness level.


Yes it is possible, but understand that you may have to spend some portion of your ride doing the recommended training.

Each session has very specific goals and targets, so it is only effective if you follow it as described. Group riding is great at this time of year and we wouldn’t suggest you abandon your mates completely, you will just have to be creative in how you structure your spins.

Your Team

Grainne Hanley

Cycling Coach

Grainne Hanley is our Head Coach.  At the age of 23 she is one of Ireland highest qualified cycling coaches. She has spent the past number of years studying and coaching in the UK.  Her coaching experience ranges from two year olds on striders, beginners and elite, track and road cyclists.

Alan Heary

Mental Fitness Coach

Alan Heary is a is a qualified cycling coach with a degree in sport science and health. He specializes in mental fitness coaching and is founder of The Confident Cyclist program. His clients include weekend warriors, professional cyclists, world champions and Olympic athletes. A keen cyclist himself, he has raced as part of a team in some tough events, including the Race Across America.

My Guarantee To You

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