Climbing Mamore Gap

Climbing Tips

Want to improve your climbing ?

Here is a cool video explaining the different aspects of good climbing.

Here are the key points to remember about climbing :

Pacing. Start the climb at a comfortable pace, and try to judge your efforts so you can maintain your pace al the way to the top.

Stay in the saddle. This is by far the most efficient way ride, especially on a long steady climb. Also sit back slightly on the saddle to gain more power.

Cadence. The ideal cadence is around 90 rpm, but it is important to find a rythem that suits you. Change gears regularly as the gradient changes to allow yourself keep the same cadence.

Eat and drink. Your going to be working pretty hard so it is really important to take on enough feul to get you through it.

Gearing. Don’t be afraid use all the gears at your disposal, that’s what they are there for. On steeper climbs a compact chainset wil help, but if not a bigger cassette will do the job.

Relax your upper body. Climbing can also be hard on the upper body, so remember to relax your arms and shoulders. Grip the bars softly and keep your upper body still and controlled.

Finish strong. It is always better to finish a climb strong, rather than blow-up before you’ve reached the top. If you have judged your effort well on the climb you should be aiming to ride the last portion at a good pace.

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This video has been taken from the Global Cycling Network website

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