4 ways to stay motivated

Riding a bike is easy, getting out the door to ride it sometimes is the tough bit. Its easy to forget when you look at the amazing success of the cyclists in the Velodrome in London that even these warriors wake up some mornings and think – I really don’t want to go out today.


Here are some tips that keep them going and can help you stay motivated too.


Test yourself

Design a test to check where your fitness is at the moment and put a plan together for 5 weeks and test again to see the improvements. This test can be a 5 or 10 mile circuit that you set yourself or if you want to improve your climbing ability pick a challenging hill that takes more that 10 minutes to climb and time yourself going up.


Put yourself in the diary

At the start of your week put you in the diary as if you were someone you needed to meet. This becomes your training time. If anyone asks you to meet them, or do something for them at that time you can tell them you are already meeting someone. They don’t need to know the person you are meeting is you.


Prepare your gear the night before

All the work of getting ready to ride can be a greater obstacle than the ride itself so prepare your gear the night before. If you are planning on an early morning spin, place the gear that you will be wearing beside your bed so that you can immediately get up and get ready for your ride. If you have a plan to cycle after work make sure that you can come home and find your gear easily to change into and your ready to go.


Be adventurous

Cycling offers a much greater chance of adventure than most other activities. Pick a different route to ride than you would normally do. If your not sure where a particular road takes you then try it out and see. Cycling through a new area you haven’t been before can throw out some surprises.


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