What to Eat Before You Race

Lots of people myself included, often train either before breakfast or not have breakfast at all. Before you cry out, Hypercritic I only did this if I was interval training or specific track work not lasting more than an hour and I did not fancy spewing up, but some of us still skip breakfast altogether, and that is an unproductive habit and should be unlearned as soon as possible.

The average person will burn up around 1200 calories a day including sleeping, that is a metabolic rate just to exist, add on activity, working, walking, moving and your cycling, you can clearly see that you will need more energy or calories.

Get used to starting your day with a breakfast. Start with a glass of fruit juice, when you are comfortable with that add some toast and jam or cereals as well as. Once you have got used to this it will be easier to face your pre-race/training meal and put together a menu that agrees with you and your taste buds. I fully understand that it is easy for me to say get that down you and you know it makes sense but, because you are racing you are probably nervous and do not feel like eating. That is why I am suggesting at first, get used to the habit, you can then move on to a more nutritional breakfast for the job in hand, and those morning races or training sessions will start to improve. You will need to digest your breakfast, depending on size, around 3 hours, and keep sipping water regular.

Suggested Breakfast:

  • Fruit Juice
  • Bowl of oatmeal porridge
  • 3-4 slices of wholemeal Toast & Jam (if you have margarine use unsaturated i.e., (“Flora”, “Golden olive”.)

If you need to consume over 1000 calories because you are riding over 3-4 hours, you can make up the rest with your carb supplement drink sipping regular, little and often rather than down in one. The above breakfast is around 600 calories. If you are drinking coffee as well as, caffeine although an enhancer, will dehydrate you. Compensate by drinking another glass of water for each cup.

Posted by Padraig Marrey

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