Climbing Tips Resistance Training for Fat Burning Getting ready for Winter Words / Phrases you’ll hear during the Tour de France Gaelforce group training day

Climbing Tips

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Resistance Training for Fat Burning

Whether you are cycling in preparation for a particular event or just to stay healthy and lose weight, resistance training should form part of your overall training plan. It holds advantages for all cyclists regardless of your goals. One of these advantages is the important role it plays in fat burning. Recommend on FacebookTweet about […]

Getting ready for Winter

After a long season your body and mind may be feeling quite jaded. Although it is quite possible that a lack of motivation makes you feel like your body is tired when in fact it is not. What you do during the winter will form the basis for how you perform through the spring and […]

Words / Phrases you’ll hear during the Tour de France

With the Tour de France off and running, I have a feeling  we will all be watching a little more television than usual during July. So next time your listening to the commentary during the race have a listen for these phrases, some of which you’ll all know, but for those new to the sport […]

Gaelforce group training day

With the ever popular Gaelforce event in Connamara only a few weeks away we were asked to work with a group of brave souls gearing up for this multi-sport marathon. The group contained both seasoned competitors and first-time applicants all of which were already in great physical shape for the race, but they needed to […]

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Building a team around YOU

This video is part of a series of videos about how Sport Science has helped Lance Armstrong achieve greater success. This part gives a great insight into how cycling races work at a pro level. Read More…

A Basic Introduction to Heart Rate Zone Training

To get the most out of your cycling workouts, you should frequently monitor your exercise intensity.  This will insure that you are working within you heart rate training zone and, therefore, are getting the most out of each training session.  If you work too hard, you may cause an injury to yourself and, possibly, burn out.  If you’re not working hard enough, you  may get frustrated when you don’t see results over time.

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