Kerry Crusaders training day

We recently had the pleasure of being invited to work with one of Kerry’s newest cycling clubs, ‘the Kerry Crusaders’. Based in north kerry and established last year the club has gone from strength to strength with over 50 members already. Like many ‘new’ cycling clubs and groups around the country they saw the need to improve and enhance their cycling skills and training methods, and that’s where we come in.


The training day was run by two of our top coach’s, Alan Heary and Ciaran Power. The basic aim of these group-training days is not  to bring you out on a bike for a day just to make you suffer but rather to teach you how to get the best out of yourself and your bike. So our day began with a cycling-skills lesson where riders were put through their paces with cornering, balance, and group-riding drills. It was amazing to see how individual riders improved in such a short space of time. These may seem like ‘basic’ cycling skills that we all underestimate, but we believe that becoming a better bike rider doesn’t just mean going faster,its about so much more. Improvements in your skill-levels can be equally as important, especially your confidence and balance while riding in a group.

Keeping all these new skills in mind we set of on a short training ride. The group was interested to learn more from the coach’s on how to improve their training rides. As you can imagine coming from north Kerry one aspect the group wanted to learn more about was climbing. We took the group over some local climbs and Ciaran and Alan were able to give first-hand advice to the riders as they worked their way up the beautiful hills surrounding Ballybunion.

On the way back we took some flatter more ‘forgiving’ roads, and the group was shown other aspects to include in their training rides such as power training and high-cadence intervals. As we said before the aim was not for everyone to arrive home wrecked! The purpose of these days is to give you the knowledge of how to train more effectively and efficiently. You can put them into practice on individual or group rides in the future.


After the ride the coach’s were on hand to talk to the group about the days lessons, and the next step…….your training plan. Ciaran was able to draw on his years of experience as a professional rider to answer any question the group had, while Alan’s vast knowledge of sports science, psychology and personal training guided the cyclists on how to prepare and train for their goals.


We would like to thank the Kerry Crusaders for their hospitality on the day, they were a very enjoyable club to cycle with, and we look forward to working with them again in the future.

Irish Cycling Academy.

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