An Interview with Former Professional Ciaran Power

At the Irish Cycling Academy we want you to have access to people with amazing experiences and knowledge.

This is the first of our interviews with top athletes and coaches.

Ciaran Power is a former professional racer, double Olympian and twice winner of the RAS

We didn’t want to just ask him about his experiences of racing but also what advice he would give to cyclists who want to perform at their best in any event.

In the interview Ciaran was asked about:

  • His Preparation prior to races
  • What he recommends for breakfast
  • The food and drink he thinks people should consume on the bike
  • What type of warm-up should be done prior to racesciaran-power
  • Tactics of racing
  • Sprinting
  • His post race analysis

Enjoy the interview! Click on the play button to listen







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