Gaelforce group training day

With the ever popular Gaelforce event in Connamara only a few weeks away we were asked to work with a group of brave souls gearing up for this multi-sport marathon. The group contained both seasoned competitors and first-time applicants all of which were already in great physical shape for the race, but they needed to add that extra push and knowledge to their training. That’s where we came in.




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During the cycling sections of Gaelforce riders are faced with both road and off-road riding, so bike handling, balance, gearing and awareness of other riders are all very important. We began the day with some fun skills training, setting up a variety of drills to test the riders ability. While these may have seemed a bit trivial to the group at the start, we soon demonstrated their effectiveness and worth, and by the end the group were showing real signs of improvement and understanding of the core techniques needed to become a better rider.




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The next element to the day was our group training ride. Bringing those skills learned earlier in the day into a ‘real’ cycling situation is the best way to demonstrate their effect, and to see how well they have been picked-up. Thankfully this group showed us real signs of improvement during the training ride, and the positive feedback was very welcome and appreciated.

Next came the tough stuff…! Hill repeats..! Once again with the hilly nature of Gaelforce in mind we put the riders to the test on multiple climbs of our favourite training hill.The main focus was on bike position while climbing, gear selection and pacing. The locals must have thought we were gone mad with all the back-forward we were doing, but it all had its purpose.

As usual we wrapped it all up with a brief chat to the group and some questions and answers. In many ways this is our favourite part of the day, as it allows us to interact with all the riders personally, and we try to cover all questions they might have. With Gaelforce not long away we wish everyone who took part the best of luck, and look forward to working with them again soon.

Irish Cycling Academy.

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