Drinking and Eating Before You Cycle

Drinking and eating before training or a race is just as important as during. Do not rely on your sense of thirst or hunger. It is important to take in fluids 24 hours before an event to hydrate the muscle cells.

So, the message is: Drink and eat prior to your ride, you need those calories and you need to be hydrated. Like wise, after your ride even though you have eaten and drunk before and during, you still need to replace energy and fluid loss. In the first half hour or so, make sure you drink plenty of fluid. I recommend the home made electrolyte drink. Also try to get down so quick release carbohydrates – liquid form is best.

During the next 90 minutes take on board sufficient quick release carbohydrates to allow you to refuel quickly. Delaying will slow down your recovery. After this time switch to the slow release carb so to minimise fat deposition. Warning: Weight watchers beware. It is not a good idea in cutting back too much, especially when you ride a lot of miles and you want to train regularly…..You will not recover.

For weight loss the best form of training is moderate distance, moderate intensity plus at least two sessions per week of top end strength and power work. Long slow steady training might burn fat off but it is so slow that you’d be 99 before you’d have anything to show for it!

Posted by Padraig Marrey

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