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How to hold your handlebars

There are many way in which we can hold/grip our handlebars. Here is a short video on the best ways to hold your bars in the different cycling situations. It might supprise you, and hopefully point you in the right direction.       Some of the key points to remember : The Drops. This […]


Drafting – The Essential Skill

I love cycling in a group. There are many reasons – the opportunity to chat to other people, the little bit of competition and the feeling of sharing a common goal. When it comes to saving energy when cycling, two or more riders are certainly better than one. That’s because of a technique that puts […]


Using your gears

When you take part in a mass cycle such as the recent Meath Heritage cycle you become very much aware of all the crunching and clanging coming from people’s gears. With that in mind I thought I would focus on some gear shifting tips that will make your cycling more efficient and less noisy. Recommend […]